10 Tips for a healthier food

How to cook eggs?
The healthiest way to eat an egg is when it is hard, that is – cook it with water. If you have to fry it, you should do so very low heat with the lid closed.Egg yolk especially rich in cholesterol, saturated fats contain easily oxidized frying lengthy, and therefore may damage blood vessels and entire body.   1030970_65087886

Which chocolate to consume?
If you love chocolate – pamper yourself always the finest chocolate.
As we know, the quality of the chocolate is determined depending on the amount of cocoa solids it contains. Simple chocolates contain 28% cocoa solids and the finest chocolates contain 70-90%.
As the percentage of cocoa solids in chocolate, the higher is healthier because it contains a large amount of antioxidants. Chocolate also contains quite a bit of sugar, but as it contains more cocoa solids it contains less sugar, so it tastes something bitter – taste for chocolate addicts like very much.

Why give up the Soup?
Soup contain lots of calories, fats, chemicals and monosodium Glotomat, strengthens the taste of food but may cause symptoms like headaches and allergies. You can get used to cook without soup! It is well known that the great chefs avoid using soup powder, and prefer to spice up food natural ingredients such as spices and herbs, simply because they taste better. At first it is recommended to get used to cook dishes like pasta and chicken without soup. To improve the taste add pasta basil (but a lot!). Chicken stew and meat powder is quite unnecessary and instead can use Bhwaiig’ soup Baharat or soy sauce, coriander, dill, and so on.

Which food color we should avoid the most?
When you buy noodles or soup nuts, notice the list of ingredients does not appear yellow food coloring called Tartrazine, not recommended in general, and especially for children. Most manufacturers have stopped using controversial color and products should prefer over those that contain the color.

Some olive oil to consume?
Olive oil is considered a very healthy oil, but you should consume only olive oil (not extra-virgin standard or worst of all – RBD). Extra virgin olive oil made from olives without the use of chemicals and any processing so it is healthy, and there are those who argue that the most delicious.

Why make fries in olive oil?

Contrary to popular theory, olive oil actually excellent for frying, especially if you add in a small piece of carrot. Carrots increases the combustion temperature. Oil burns always have to throw, because that means is oxidized and causes more harm than good.

Nuts 1 – Who is the best?
If you are among the fans nuts, walnuts preferred the pecans because they contain more healthy fatty acids. It is recommended to consume them as cakes or cooked foods.

Nuts 2: Brazilian version!
You should consume each day, or at least frequently, Brazil nuts. These nuts are very rich mineral called selenium, known for his fine qualities to prevent cancer and various other diseases. Western food contains very little the mineral, even if you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, that the poor of our land. Because of the large amount of selenium present in nuts, eat the recommended dose is two nuts a day. You do not want to overdo consumption of nuts, for selenium excess amount may be toxic.

Why not peel before cooking?
If you prepare mashed potatoes, potato salad or beet salad, should not peel the garlic before cooking. When cooking the vegetable his shell and peel only after cooking, lose fewer vitamins.

How to cook vegetables?
When you cook vegetables, add to boiling water and boil with water to keep the nutritional value.

Sweetener or sugar?
The chemicals most types of sweetener made them controversial. In general they are safe to use in quantities indicated on the packaging, but some argue that it is unnecessary chemicals. Teaspoon of sugar contains only 15 calories, so even if you must sweeten your coffee or tea is better to do it with sugar, in small amounts not expensive calories, but safer from a health standpoint.

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