So how do we handle hair loss?

After we found out by professional diagnosis of the type of baldness or hair loss from which we suffer, the next step is of course how to handle the issue. Of course, that depends on the type of physical therapy for hair loss. Some types of prescription drugs are dropping out, such as Propecia – male androgenic baldness, minoxidil – baldness androgenic alopecia and other types, spironolactone – androgenic baldness in women, cortisone – alopecia areata patients and others.

What’s left to do is read and learn (if desired) for the treatment or medication in accordance with the provisions of the attending physician or learn about other treatments that were not mentioned by the doctor. Also, there are people who prefer to learn about the drugs before using it.

So how to handle hair loss ?

The recommended physical therapy for men suffering from androgenic alopecia is a combination of:

  • Propecia – owner balls that reduce the levels of the hormone DHT in the body. Propecia scientifically proven by clinical studies, the FDA’s stringent efficiency androgenic baldness.
  • Minoxidil / Rogiin – stimulates the hair follicles to grow hair despite the presence of hormone DHT in the scalp. Propecia scientifically proven by clinical studies, the FDA’s stringent efficiency androgenic baldness.
  • Natural solutions – natural solutions like garlic, aloe vera can do wonders to hair loss and even regrow hair.

The recommended physical therapy woman suffering from androgenic hair loss (usually found only in later ages) is a combination of Minoxidil and shampoo Nizoral. Women take Propecia is very dangerous, especially for pregnant women.

Who are the FDA and why it is important to use treatments made their studies to the FDA?

Food and Drug Administration called the FDA – Food and drug administration is a US government body responsible for the supervision and approval of medicines, foods, dyes, certain cosmetics, medical devices and more. In many countries (including Israel), FDA approval of the drugs is a prerequisite sale and use of drugs. Although the FDA is a government body in the United States, the FDA has international influence.

Certain drug approval process by the FDA including studies and clinical trials, drug approvals usually lasting several years. The FDA reviewers is a dangerous drug, how it benefits (if any), and other drug safety by studies and trials, only after the drug has been tested and FDA decided it is safe to use under certain conditions, the drug will get FDA approval. FDA approval is usually “proof” that the drug is effective or safe. Of course not all people respond to drugs equally. It is also important to know what type of drug approvals received. There are drugs or devices are approved for use only in safety, and there are drugs that receive approval useful.


The FDA studies are considered extremely reliable, and therefore treatment material authors approved by the FDA as well as safe and effective use of the most successful Normandy considered material.


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