Some of the Common Eye Problems

The eyes are one of the important organs of our body. With help of this organ you can see the beautiful world around you. Hence, it becomes very important to take care of the eye to prevent them from any disease. As you grow, the senses often become dull. The eyes experience lot of changes as you grow. The lens, iris, and retina all experience changes as you grow older.

Common Eye Problems

In case you suffer from any problem with eye, which is long-lasting, you should consult your physician immediately. Some of the problems you may face might be as follows:

  • Conjunctivitis: A mucus membrane develops on the white part of the eye. This causes swelling of eyes. You feel itching in the eyes and they become red. You also suffer from discharge from the eyes. This can be caused due to allergy, virus infection, or a foreign object in the eye. This is contagious and hence you should be very careful. You should wash your eyes regularly, and never share your towels or pillowcase with anybody as this is contagious.
  • Blepharitis: This affects the eyelids and causes flaky debris on the eyelashes. It causes itching in the eyes. This can occur due to bacterial infection, poor eyelid hygiene, or due to some allergy. Hence you should take care of the hygiene of the eyelids.
  • Tired Eyes: You might feel tiredness in the eyes. This might occur due to dryness of eyes, watching TV at stretch, or even sitting in front of computer for long period.
    Far Sightedness: Difficulty in seeing the objects near to you. In worse condition you may also find difficulty in watching the distant objects.
  • Near Sightedness: A near sightedness person can see the object near to them clearly but are not able to see object far away from them.
  • Cataract: This causes clouding of the eyes lens. This is mostly problem with people of more than 55 years of age.
  • Color Blindness: Due to color blindness, you are not able to distinguish between various shades of the colors. This can be caused as a result of any other eye disease.

Apart from these you may face from many other problems such as Loss of peripheral vision, Gradual Vision loss and problem while reading, Blurred vision, or severe pain in eyes.


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