How to prevent hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are masses of vascular tissue that may protrude from the anus and often bleed.
The term hemorrhoids comes from the words and blood flow. One in three people of the world population will be plagued sometime this excruciating problem. There is in every human being, formed by a cluster of vessels carrying blood to the anal area called ‘hemorrhoid plexus.’  how to get rid of hemorrhoids

The reasons for their occurrence are many, are considered the main sedentary life, constipation, poor and rough diet, increased intro-abdominal pressure such as pregnancy and obesity.

Hemorrhoids are caused by the relaxation of normal vascular tissue that help retain stool and defecation. Predisposing factors for hemorrhoids is constipation, pregnancy, deferrals defecation due to lack of time or social circumstances and prolonged stay in space defecation. 

Any discomfort in the anal region should not be attributed to hemorrhoids. Other conditions (fissures, Persian fistulas, abscesses, etc.) can be presented in a similar manner. Piles are to be distinguished from other causes of bleeding from the intestine is not always benign.

The main problem of hemorrhoids is bleeding. May lose significant amounts of blood resulting in iron deficiency anemia. Bleeding from the anus does not only cause the hemorrhoids, and other benign or malignant diseases. These may coexist with hemorrhoids and why the blood should be investigated by endoscopy. If someone noticed blood in the stool or in the anus, will necessarily have to visit the doctor to clarify the matter
Pain (pronounced in case of confinement), discomfort, palpation mass liquid from anus and itching. These symptoms are caused or coexist with other benign (fistulas, fissures, fecal incontinence) or malignant conditions of the region and it is necessary to investigate the case for a proper diagnosis.
Thrombosis of external hemorrhoids grid appears as a black painful palpable mass just outside the ring of the anus.

Types of hemorrhoids

internal hemorrhoids
Internal hemorrhoids usually painless but often exhibit bleeding. When the hemorrhoid nodule dilated enough to get out of the anus, then we have the situation of Propiptoun hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids
External hemorrhoids are veins under the skin of the anus, which claim is usually painful and sometimes crack and bleed.

Hemorrhoids are divided into 4 stages.The first stage belong those that are visible only with the second stage symptoms The second stage happens only periodically during emptying and reconfigured automatically. In the third stage the hemorrhoids occur during bowel movement, walking, standing up and reconfigured only with the help of the hand itself The 4th stage where the hemorrhoids are permanent and irreversible.

How to prevent hemorrhoids?

Try to follow these rules:
The best way to prevent hemorrhoids should is to avoid constipation, that means – decreasing pressure and straining.
Go as soon as possible to the bathroom, by the time you get the desire to go.
Necessary are correct bowel habits – especially should not sit on the toilet for more than five minutes.
The Mediterranean diet with high fiber, fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegtabales. Large amounts of water helps to reduce

Hemorrhoids and straining ..

Exercise, including walking, helps to stay active to reduce pressure on the veins, which can occur with long periods of standing or sitting, and help prevent constipation. Exercise can also help you lose excess weight.
Avoid long periods of standing or sitting. It can increase pressure on veins in the anus.
Clean the anal area gently with water after each emptying.
Wear cotton underwear.

Avoid toilet tissue with perfumes or colors. Try not to scratch the area.

The greatest percentage of 80-90% conservatively treated while the remainder will need some kind of invasive procedure or surgery.


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