This is the new way to get over back pain

Today there is a much easier way to relieve back pain common, that we experience from time to time.   inversion tables
The solution is called “reverse hanging therapy”

This is actually a natural way to the back of healthy and healthier body, not just in reverse hanging therapy helps treating Back pain, but can also be used as a method to reduce further negative impacts and others that defy gravity on our bodies.
Hanging upside down helps reduce back pain are different:

Today back pain is one of the world’s most common physical pains, for which we are complaining of lower back pain.
We need the back and abdominal muscles tight and strong thighs in order to resist gravity and to let us upright.

Reverse mounting method extends the spine and increases the space between the vertebrae, a condition that releases the pressure discs, ligaments and nerve roots.
These places less stress = less back pain!

Stress can cause distortion of the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, as well Researched pain and other problems
other. Tight muscles and are busy developing pain attacks and convulsions following the reduction in oxygen supply and slowing the flow of blood and lymph. This allows storage of chemicals unacceptable muscles themselves.

Hanging upside down for a few minutes can help relax the stiff muscles and speed up the flow of
Lymphatic fluid that helps transporting waste out of the body, while taking it to the bloodstream. As this waste is cleared faster and enters a new oxygen supply, so the pain and stiff muscles can disappear faster.

Keep the brain active and well supplied with oxygen may help in preserving the proper functioning and mental acuity of a person throughout his lifetime.
(Note: If the person suffers from high blood pressure, consult your doctor has yet to start a treatment plan of hanging upside down, or any other medical problems.)

Hanging upside down allows the body to stretch and straighten himself again:
Almost every physical activity involves some degree of compression and pressure to the spine.
Activities such as jogging, aerobics, bicycle, weightlifting, tennis, martial arts, take their toll spine,
Disks and back muscles.

Also after physical activities, hanging upside down may help athletes realign the spine to maintain good performance for longer.
Athletes engaged in these activities can achieve significant benefits by daily treatment by hanging upside down.
Hanging upside down reduces muscle pain adopted:

Strenuous muscle activity causes muscles to become sore. This is due to the accumulation of a large amount of lactate in muscle carbon dioxide.
As this waste to be cleared more quickly disappear faster stiffness.
Hanging upside down as explained, helps to clear the lymphatic circulation better waste and that fact can lead to a reduction in muscle pain.

Hanging upside down helps strengthen ligaments:
Mobility resulting from reverse hanging stretches the ligaments and connective tissue, thereby helping to protect the athlete from serious sports injuries.
Hanging upside down helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic and cleaned waste more quickly:
Cardiovascular system consists of blood from the heart, arteries and capillaries, which provides nutrients and oxygen to cells Hgof.tliih reversal however, allows our body to work with gravity, ease and enhance the process of circulation.

Hanging upside down, bringing the bodies of] the yoke together and not against gravity, as the lymphatic system be cleared more quickly, so the pain and discomfort of cramps disappear faster.
Hanging upside down, which is working with gravity, increases the supply of oxygen to the brain.
Hanging upside down increases the circulation to the head, increasing alertness and sharpen hearing and vision.
Causes the skull and get a good supply of blood.
Hanging upside down will help reduce the effects of aging caused by virtue of the attraction will be offered:
D-care program pretext of hanging upside down can help preserve most of their former stature.
As the body ages, internal Aibirm such as kidney, gastrointestinal, begin to drop.
With middle age, one reason for weight gain is Tzoztm of internal organs.
Hanging upside down helps those Aibirim go back to their original forms and in their accustomed places in our body.
Ms healthy body is healthier
Gravity is one constant factor most harmful impact on joints and discs.
As we read, use a suitable hanging upside down provides many health benefits to all our bodies.
The experience of thousands of people who use this treatment on a regular basis, indicate that this gives them the relief she hoped for back pain.
No less important, they say, they benefited from this treatment effect of “rejuvenation” for the entire body thanks
We provided medical benefits to the rest of the article.


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