Top 5 Narrow Calf Boots for Women in 2019

For women with thin legs it can be a little tiresome to find a well-fitting pair of boots. Fortunately, there are brands that design narrow calf boots. While choosing the right pair of boots for yourself, it’s important to look out for a few things. Besides the price range, you should ensure that when you wear them you feel comfortable, your calf should fit without feeling a pinch or sliding your feet and most importantly they should be stylish. The materials used is also of significance since boots made of leather are of great quality and tend to last longer.

There is a wide variety of these boots in the market and since you are going to spend some amount of money in these boots, it’s crucial to make the right choice. This article shows the top five narrow calf boots that you should definitely invest on (Taken from . These are:

1. FRYE Jayden Button Tall- SMVLE boots

They are narrow calf, extra stylish and well built. They are made from soft vintage leather which provides high and low tones because of the hand polishing. These boots have a smooth outline that makes them suitable for women with skinny legs. They have an inside zipper and a side pull tab which make the slipping of the boot on and off easy. The foot bed is covered faintly with leather and this adds extra comfort and support. Moreover, the boots come with an out sole made of leather and rubber heel that gives a greater grip. They are mainly of two colors, brown and black. So, you could choose either based on your preference.

2. Bed Stu Glaye Boots

They come with many colors like black, brown, gray and tan. Bed Stu boots are quite appealing and this is because they are purely natural leather. They also handmade and are built to last. This boot pays attention to detail, with the cushioned insole, and this makes it very comfortable to wear offering great support. They also have a zipper inside and on the side.

3. Dansko Lorna boot

The upper is made of quality leather that is durable and malleable. This makes it easy for natural foot movement preventing blisters when you wear them. You can also remove the foot bed to integrate your own custom. It has a zipper closure.

4. L’Artiste by Spring Step Natalia Boot

The shoe has a unique, elegant look made using a mixture of textile and leather. It has a fabric shaft that is decorated with old French art that makes it noticeable from its other competitors. Rubber sole makes them durable to any ground. Also, has a zipper closure making it easy to slip in. There is a variety in colors designs creating options for you to choose.

5. La Canadienne Kara Boots

They are unique suede shoes of great quality made purely of leather to deliver extraordinary comfort, traction and durability. Have an inside zipper hence an easy on and off design. They also have a microfiber antibacterial additional layer which helps in draining moisture and a cushioned insole for increased comfort. The out sole is made of rubber for durability. Their waterproof design makes them fit for any kind of weather.
What’s really important is identifying the pair that fits you correctly. If you have thinner legs that means getting a narrow calf option. This list will assist greatly in finding a great option for you!

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