constipation faq

What is constipation ?
Constipation is a symptom that there is a decrease stool frequency and hard stools and difficulty to defecate . Stool frequency varies from person to person and ranges from three times a day to three times a week. About a fifth of the population suffers from constipation and women and the elderly tend to suffer more .

What causes constipation ?
There are many causes of constipation including diet low in fiber , lack of fluids , lack of exercise , depression or stress, overuse of diuretics and various health problems . Also many cases of constipation drugs may be the source . Constipation can be a side effect of many drugs such as painkillers , especially with codeine , antidepressants and anti- cramping .

How diet can be beneficial for constipation ?
For many people suffering from constipation treatment that can help and improvement may consist of a fiber-rich diet and adequate intake of fluids. Fibers help bowel activity and help maintain water guarding the stool soft . When insist on a high fiber diet is especially important to drink adequate amounts of fluid (about 10 glasses of water a day).

What are fiber-rich foods ?
Vegetables and fruits including dried fruits ; Cereal grains ; Whole wheat products such as bread, pasta and crackers and brown rice . They are great in fighting constipation, and as you all know, they are also great in curing hemorrhoids (Many time hemorrhoids and constipation are related).

What about prunes ?
Prunes have long known to assist in the case of the treatment of constipation . If changes in diet and physical activity have not solved a case of constipation treatment plums can help . In addition to the many fibers they contain Plums also contain components acting laxatives .

What about laxatives ?
Not every case of constipation drugs are the solution in any case, treatment of constipation using permanent use of laxatives is not recommended and can worsen cases of constipation. The longer use of medication for constipation lengthens the more likely you will need to increase the dose and decreases the likelihood of your bowels function properly without the aid of drugs . Outstanding are based pharmaceutical polyethylene glycol do not cause addiction and laziness of the intestines and can be used for the treatment of constipation for a long time .

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