Global Health Updates – May 2014

Constipation. Constipation is one of those problems nobody want to talk about. Yet in a new survey which was done in three major cities in Japan,  it was revealed  that
at least 40% of the population had been suffering from constipation. Staggering amounts, making it the most common health phenomenon in Japan. And when checking the
gender diversity – a surprise! – huge difference between men and women.  40% of the women said they were constipated at least one time in the past week, while only 20% of
the men said so.

Pain killers. Analgesics undoubtedly improved our standard of living. When we have a headache the easy case, in light of physical pain or chronic disease we are taking pain medication, and the pain really subsides. Analgesics are divided into several categories Pharmacological: opioids, non-steroidal inflammatory inhibitors (NSAIDs), antipyretic drugs that are not steroids (such as acetaminophen), numb, antidepressants and membrane stabilizing drugs. Some medications require prescription pain medication from a doctor, and have different side effects, including addiction. Therefore, it is customary to start the treatment of narcotic analgesics do not, and if the pain increases and these painkillers help, give a weak narcotic analgesics, and only other options give opiates

Hemorrhoids. This is one of the world’s most muted. Women know the situation mainly because of pregnancies and births, but also the role of men is not absentee. About 10% of the population will suffer from hemorrhoids or suffering in their lives. But despite the fact that the phenomenon is so common there is a lot of lack of knowledge, and especially shame about what and why it’s hemorrhoids are painful. There are two types of hemorrhoids: external hemorrhoids they are the veins and outside the anus and internal hemorrhoids that are about 2 inches above the anus, and are covered with mucous membrane coats the colon, and these usually cause pain and discomfort.

Sport Injuries. Despite the tendency to bind with each other, pain and suffering are two separate entities operating from different layers. Athletes, and in general, what is clouding our ability to enjoy the joy of training and riding the pain but it’s not suffering. Luckily, the suffering, this aspect we have control over it, complete, at least as adults. So how can we channel the pain, pain that accompanies injury, and our ability to continue realize their potential in us.
Pain caused by muscle stretching, inflammation, stress fractures and other physical is something is broken, stretched, torn, pressed and accompanying sensation of pain is a physiological response anatomical damage and injuries. Of course, these damages can occur resulting from trauma history trauma, fall, crash brooch or as a result of cumulative damage and efforts abrasion, training loads and loads of life. Cyclists are exposed to injuries of the two categories above.

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