What is “natural” food

Many of you are probably asking what is natural food and why should it interest you at all. So let me give you a background of the topic and my thoughts about it. So this raw food is just that food containing live enzymes to be exact. We want to eat food which is “live” so that all the energy and life of food enter our bodies, and allow us to feel more alive and bring us energy. Basically as soon as we heat our food heat is above 48 degrees almost all the enzymes extinct, no food animals values ​​declining, vitamins and minerals are destroyed and the body is very difficult to digest cooked food.   health

Big I believe that everything has a reason and it’s not surprising to see all the diseases and disease circulating among people in the world today such as cancer, multiple skin checks, diabetes, heart failure, obesity, and the list goes on. We are the only species of these diseases patient and the only species who cooks his food, oh yeah not see an animal in the wild that takes a cooking pot or a bat and cook or fry her food hobs. Do not ever see the lions or other predators cook the meat animal they sprouted, they eat the flesh alive. That does not mean we should eat our flesh lives, although we can do it technically that our body is built to survive in the wild but it is not healthy in the long term, including that we simply do not predators.

This issue is very deep and I do not want to browse to this post maybe later but overall point is that we now live in a culture where people rarely put their live food. Today if I tell you my evening meal is a large salad bowl you must remove the your eyes because we are used to eating cooked food as a meal, rice, spaghetti or any dish. The truth is that the real power and your energy will present in animal food fruits vegetables nuts and seeds germinated sprouts. Yes it is found naturally in food, and that’s what we’re supposed to eat, not the pasta, pizza, burgers breads and all processed and cooked food.
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So I understand that it is impossible for overnight Nutrition is 100 percent rue food but what I propose is to simply add more fruits and vegetables into your life, add to salads to what you eat to make smoothies and juices in a blender or juicer juices. If you do not then you purchase both or one of them. Regarding blender, I recommend purchasing the Huitmix can do with so many things like spreads, yogurts, smoothies soups and more full of stuff. Although the price will probably be expensive to some of you but it’s a long term investment towards your health it’s the most important thing. Think about it a moment what good is if you have all the money in the world, you live in your dream, you have a successful business, you have a model family and a husband or wife are perfect but you sick Nmrgishim face, you probably say that if you have money then you will pay Best doctors take the best drugs and treatments but it is not a real solution to this is just a temporary solution and if you get to heal, the problem will return again not solved the root problem.

For me health = energy = quality of life, if you are alive now have a reason and life are granted to you as a gift to you live. Consume processed foods harmful to us, get sick and grow old it is not live it is called death. We ended up in what we eat so if you put your body living foods, it’s no wonder you begin you will feel tired depressed and lifeless it’s just that you do not put your body vital energy or put in place food destroys this energy.

What you want is love, be it high energy all day every day, smile and laugh, be optimistic and positive thank all the things in your life do what you love, to realize yourself and be free to do what you want. It is for me the so-called live and I can not promise you that if you change the way of eating and you will avoid any food processed and unnatural feel so immediate (and I’m still at the very beginning) that still take your body time to clean up all the damage and injustice you have done to it over the years. But what I can guarantee it will begin to see sparks, there will be times not believe how good you feel, your energy will rise suddenly, the thought suddenly be clearer and ideas will come into your life more freely and more love will come into your life. Of course it is star time, but enough time that will make you understand what Roe Diet food and lifestyle that can cause Lheichhm, which will strengthen and invest in it even more. Etc. I can guarantee that if you continue to consume western processed food and keep your health you sure are not going to be satisfied with your life in the long run and your body will betray you at what point whatsoever.

The bottom line invest in your health is something so important, and Ttdago If you do not know how to start for that I’m here. Have a great day everyone.

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