Treatment of constipation

What is constipation ?
The medical definition of constipation is less than three departures a week or difficulty port ( have to push it a long time ) at least 25 % of departures or moving hard stools in at least 25 % of departures or feeling full to empty is at least 25 % of departures .    Wooden toilet house

The role of the colon is becoming leftovers not absorbed in the small intestine and disposal of feces out of the body . Sub function will constipation , diarrhea surplus will functioning (the water is not absorbed by the food sometimes not so watery stools and sometimes have weight loss ) . Constipation is a sub – activity of the colon. Waste stays in, the water is absorbed back to the body and can not move towards the exit efficiently (so-called Inactivity ) . Changes in diet and fiber supplement can alleviate the condition , but can not cure chronic constipation !

Conventional treatment of constipation :

Preparations magnifiers volume ( Mtiltzloloz , psyllium ) work to increase the speed at which stool passes through the colon by increasing faecal bulk water absorption . Thus softer stool and easy exit. Relatively slow operation , but the likelihood that they interfere with normal bowel action smaller than with other laxatives .

Irritant laxatives ( bowel muscles Collapse ) ( Bisakodil , Senna , Phenolphthalein ) increase intestinal motility and pushing forward Stool suitable for limited use after other treatments have failed or when quick action is required . Do not use these medications more than a week because they can cause cramps Colic and diarrhea.

Lubricants ( paraffin ) is used to soften the stool when hard stool causes pain at the exit , the presence of hemorrhoids, scratch or fissure .

Solutions of salts and laxatives ( magnesium sulfate ) can be used salts such as magnesium sulfate ( Epsom salts ) to empty the bowel before surgery or examination . Not be used for prolonged relief from constipation because they may violate the chemical balance in the blood. Constipation is also caused by going without proper work boots to works, which affects your back health considerably.

Laktoloz a substitute for laxatives magnifiers volume for prolonged treatment of chronic constipation . It can cause stomach cramps and bloating .

Did you know ? Homeopathic treatment cures chronic constipation
Conventional medicine does not know the roots to provide a solution to the problem of chronic constipation . She does not know cause a permanent change in bowel function , but creates a dependency on medication use . Activity of the colon is the source of the problem and therefore cure the problem , to restore to normal without medication and treat the feces. Homeopathy strengthens bowel function , returns it to function efficiently and saves the accumulation of toxins in the digestive system and the body. At the same time it strengthens the immune system and preventing future disease .

Use of diuretics may cause damage to the intestines , diarrhea and constipation with prolonged use . The most serious risk with prolonged use most is a diuretic drug dependency purgative for bowel movements are normal . Body forgets how to function without long stops growing . Therefore medication for constipation in the long run is not only helpful, but does harm. In addition there were actual hemorrhoid bleeding and painful fissure is formed . Even children.

People living with stops and it does not bother them that’s fine. Not everything has to handle. Address only what concerns or defined pathologies .

Homeopathic medicine is a natural healing method , efficient and safe 200 years old . Many come to homeopathy as a float with no problems unanswered conventional medicine or other alternative methods .


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